Architects love books. We can't help it. No cure has been found. We just love books. So we make lists of books. (We make lists of everything else, so why not?....right?) Here's the shakedown on our book list: 

1) It is going to be a multi-part affair. No one wants to read a hundred book long list at one sitting.

2) Each list will have a theme:

Glossy! - 

Those books that we don't read for the articles...also known as coffee table books. Large, eye catching, and possibly by Taschen or Rizzoli.

General Reading - 

Good general types of stuff. Books that we should all read at some point. Architectural in nature, but more general than theory and less saliva-inducing than the coffee table books.

Mind Benders-

You remember when you first read an architectural theory essay? Remember the overwhelming urge to curl into a ball afterwards? Yeah....these are those kinds of a read. Possibly life changing, possibly maddening, definitely to be undertaken with a modicum of seriousness.

Putting it Together -  

God or the Devil, depending, is in the details friends and neighbors. This list is going to have all the best in materiality books (also known as architect porn), construction manuals of merit, and all those lovely references that make us look smart. 


If these posts are popular then we will expand the lists to encompass other things. Movies, places...groceries. Who knows! So we shall start the lists with the next post. Did you think you were getting a list in this post? Silly. Stay Tuned!